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One, none and a hundred thousand.


The difference between a walk in the historic center of Florence, a glass of Franciacorta along the Lombard vineyards or a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art in Palermo can only be condensed into a single concept of belonging. Destinations, horizons and scenarios of many facets that are part of a unique wonderful place, Italy. In this editorial we wanted to accompany you on a journey to discover the diversity and the similarities present on the territory between cultures, societies and architectures able to talk about identities coming from different corners of the world. 360° contaminations that have made Italy in a past few years a pearl that can reflect in its uniqueness the myriad stories that have left their mark on it. The Year of the Villages has just ended in Italy, a tourism of well-being that, as long as the veins articulate its geography, has allowed us to discover Italy with another look, once dilated, able to reveal details and nuances in its oriental forms, buildings with a gothic flavor that rise towards the sky in search of a contact with the divine, eternal cities founded on the glories of great empires.

But it is always in the kitchen that we Italians rediscover our true nature of a country that can accommodate diversity and the far away. Take for example our national dish, the one with which we are now known allover the world, pasta. The pride of a people is the emblem of our “contamination”. In Italy there are about 300 types of dry pasta, but it seems that its origin is to be placed in China about 4,000 years ago and only thanks to the barbarian invasions during the Middle Ages has reached our tables, to join the inevitable tomato sauce, originating in the countries of South America.

Here then that Italy assumes the great value of representative of the world beauty.

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Our vision


art direction

SCENE MEDITERRANEE is an art and editorial project which was created to investigate, analyze and enhance artistic and crafts production issues that are deeply rooted in the culture of the Italian Mediterranean.




It's the area which refers to the experience of the journey, both physical and spiritual, where everyone focuses on his idea of Mediterranean, giving it a personal route, but always projected to a universal knowledge of the place.

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Luci & Colori

The shapes

Artificial and natural architecture, landmark of spaces and Mediterranean experiences, reconstructed in the memory as "wise and wonderful game of compound volumes under the light", that is especially color at the latitudes of the Mare Nostrum.

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The territory

Metonymy to denote the Mediterranean landscape, of which the maquis is one of the main ecosystems. In a wider sense is alludes to the Italian Mediterranean Territory as an indissoluble interweaving of actions, transformations, magic and humanity.

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Eros & Gola


It's the area that investigates the essence of Eros and vice-virtue of Gola, typically Mediterranean inclination that sees the act of eating, when it is not survival, intimately tied to the passion and life.

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The bodies

Material as a foundational element of the multi-faceted artistic, handmade, productive expression that come to life from the ancient culture of the Italian Mediterranean.

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Fuorisalone 2017


Scene Mediterranee

Spazio Lumera