News  |  Francesca Malinverno  |  20 May 2016


“(…) But the illusion fails. Time drags us back
to noisy cities where we see the blue
in patches only, up between the roofs.
The rain is wearying the earth. Now winter’s tedium
weighs on the houses, light turns miserly,
the spirit bitter.
Then, one day,
glimpsed through a half-shut gate,
there in the courtyard trees
the yellows of the lemons are on show.
The chill which gripped our hearts relents
as sunlight’s golden trumpets
pour their songs into our souls

| “Lemons”, Eugenio Montale, 1925 |


It sometimes happens to find ourselves alone to reflect. Thinking about a life that doesn’t satisfy us,  that maybe it wasn’t always like this, that maybe there was a time once, when we were truly happy, a time that we feel now being far away and unreachable. But then, suddenly, something comes by. A poem, a scent, a colour, awakening those feelings that we believed lost but were only asleep, waiting. This is what happened to the protagonist of our video: the words from Montale bring back to her the memory of a place filled with joy, Liguria, that has seen her once, years before, free and happy. I chose Liguria because of the precious memories I have of the place. When I was little, my sister and I used to get lost amongst the little alleys of Monterosso, we run after each other until the beach and with the nose up in the air, we filled the days with laughs and carefree talks. Then there were the sea, its colours, and our gaze into the infinite while we tried to grasp the limits of our dreams, and how far they could go. I perceived as familiar, the scents and flavours of that land that welcomed me as its own, even if for three weeks a year. All of this gave me such freedom that I kept going back to a question: who am I? and what do I really seek for? I still hold that tension inside me today. Liguria brings me back to live those desires again, and those questions too, that only as little kids we can keep pristine and unmarred. To me Liguria is the true and real manifestation of that childhood freedom that helps me today to push on in the everyday life.


director: Francesca Malinverno

screenwriter: Danielle Martina Lancia

actress: Valeria Girelli



Francesca Malinverno
Francesca Malinverno was born in Milan in 1990. She is a third year Cinematography student, at the Civic School of Cinema in Milan. She starts her formation in high school, at the institute of Sacro Cuore, enrolling in an art major, where her passions for painting art and cinema bloom. In 2013 she graduates obtaining a third year bachelor degree in Internal Design at the Politecnico institute of Milan. Dedicating herself to writing and video production, she hopes one day to produce her own long movie.

Danielle Martina Lancia
Born in Brasil in 1990, Danielle Martina Lancia is a Film and screen media student at the Civic School of Cinema in Milan. While studying to graduate in Public and international Mass Communication, she wrote for the university blog as columnist for the section on Cinema and Show business which will end up inspiring her final thesis. At present she work in concept video editing, besides following few other writing projects.

Valeria Girelli
Valeria Girelli was born in a small town under the province of Verona in 1989. After majoring in Classic sciences, she volunteered working in Taagytay in the Philippines for 8 months. In 2013 she then graduates in Cultural heritage. In October the same year, she realizes one of her dreams by obtaining a spot as student studying acting at the School of dramatic arts Paolo Grassi, starting a new life in Milan. She is currently in the last of her three year bachelor degree.