Eventi  |  LECCE CORTILI APERTI  |  25 May 2014

Killing the beauty – Lecce Cortili Aperti XVII

SCENE MEDITERRANEE takes part to the XVII LECCE CORTILI APERTI 2014 (25th May 2014) with the art installation KILLING THE BEAUTY, at the historic Castromediano Vernazza Palace. The work is realized in collaboration with the local artisans and made of steel and wood. It was designed by Riccardo Emanuele and Samuel Balasso, architects and partners of NCB ARCHITETTURA – MILANO, with the graphic artist Elisa Costa from Lecce.


“The idea of presenting a gallows, where three wonderful capase of Salento are symbolically executed, is a provocative act to draw the attention to the growing indifference of society toward the rural landscape and its frail beauty. Our territory is being increasingly compromised due to the neglect, the pollution, the ruinous landscape planning, and this is the result of the failure to recognize the strategic value that the territory can have for our culture, tradition and economy. The capasa in this sense is the perfect synthesis between daily use and function, decor and dignity. These aspects constituted a sort of existential law for our ancestors, who left us a landscape where a perfect balance between production needs and respect for nature had always been clear. We think that, especially in our historical phase, art, architecture and design have the ethical and social responsibility to suggest and create the conditions to make our lifestyle needs not affect the inestimable heritage of Italian and Mediterranean identity, from which we can still build our best future”.