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Perpetua Jewel

The pencil, called lapis by my grandfather, has always been part of my life.

Hb, 2b, 4b, 6b for soft shades; 2h to etch with ruler and square.

Micromine, Maximine. And then the opportunity to draw MY PENCIL.

How could I give up?“.

| Marta Giardini – Designer of Perpetua, The Pencil. |



A real revolution in the world of writing because with Perpetua for the first time a pencil allows to use recycled graphite powder which , combined with a special polymer, acquires hardness, impact resistant and do not dirty your hands. Perpetua is a registered patent product and production process and is the only pencil 100% made in Italy. An intuition became invention in the research of reusing tons of graphite powder, residue of industrial production, the electrodes otherwise addressed to be buried. Perpetua, 15 grams of graphite to be disposed of by writing thanks to the production technology makes superfluous the wooden shell of the traditional pencils. Because few remember that producing the traditional pencils is needed to cut down trees. Perpetua is not only a writing style’s choice, but also the testimony of a way of life respecting the planet with the knowledge that little things can make the difference.


From an intuition is born the challenge, collected by Mauro Valentini to reread Perpetua in musical key:

“I have observed at length Perpetua’s form. I thought that the pencil with its sign allows a flow of words and drawings. I imagined to describe this flow with the water. From here the silver gush that protrudes from the top of the object, as to say that an idea of itself, comes from nothing and then flows. Similarly the silver stream pours on Perpetua body. I chose to embellish it with an opal, a stone that contains water and needs regularly to be immersed in water otherwise will be opaque. Australian miners, when crossed the desert with their wares, kept their opals in the mouth because they were always damp. Opal of Perpetua is my homage to water, this vital asset and invaluable.


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