Eventi  |  RODA | Store set up  |  7 October 2016

RODA | Store set up

SCENE MEDITERRANEAN set up the RODA showroom, company leading manufacturer of high quality furniture for outdoor use. Staged the “mediterranean aptitude”, of which SCENE MEDITERRANEAN has always been a promoter, a fresh concept in which colors, textures, fragrances and Mediterranean visions follow one another to tell a story of craftsmanship and research, passion and experience.
United by a common vision, the Roda furnishings and decor elements of the collection SCENE MEDITERRANEAN dissolve to become an integral part of the context for which they are designed, integrating and exalting each other. A game of references, between inside and outside, with a design-oriented dimension and with a fundamental element of communion between the brand: the typical Mediterranean hospitality.


photo credit: Andrea Corbetta