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Perpetua Scacciapensieri

The pencil, called lapis by my grandfather, has always been part of my life.

Hb, 2b, 4b, 6b for soft shades; 2h to etch with ruler and square.

Micromine, Maximine. And then the opportunity to draw MY PENCIL.

How could I give up?“.

| Marta Giardini – Designer of Perpetua, The Pencil. |


From an intuition is born the challenge, collected by Paolo Valentini to reread Perpetua in musical key:

“The harp is an instrument that I love very much, I play it since childhood, long before embarking on a musical profession. Secondly, this tool is part of the idiophones family where the sound is produced by the vibration of the body of the instrument without the aid of ropes, membranes or air flows. The pencil is also a idiofono basically, in this I found interesting affinity, almost poetic. Finally, the parallelism allows a view of the object Double: Perpetua takes on the appearance of a stylus, which actually was the final revelation.
The creative process will always surprises, parties to go from A to B, and yet the road is never so straightforward. Surprises, disappointments, satisfaction. In this project it was just so.
The harp is present in various forms and under various names, in many cultures of the popular world, is used in shamanic rituals to achieve a hypnotic trance produced by a physical effect of “Resonance” on the brain, a state of mental relaxation similar to pre-sleep. Hence the name of “scacciapensieri”.
One chosen for Perpetua called Dan Moi and is of Vietnamese origin.


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