News  |  Vanessa Cavallaro  |  8 September 2016

TRAMAGLI | Vanessa Cavallaro

“We must have the fisherman’s patience
to bite an idea of thought.

| Alessandro Morandotti, “Minime” |



Scenes Mediterranee continues its discovery and promotion mission of handicraft activities on its territory. In search of glass excellence Scene Mediterranee meets Vanessa Cavallaro, passionate artist of Altare. Picking up the family legacy and of generations of workers who have succeeded in the Ligurian town, became known worldwide as “the glass city”, she proposes the typical glass engraving work through the wheel.

The technique dates to the 1st century A.D. it remained unchanged over the centuries in the execution principles, which involves a high degree of manual and in-depth knowledge of abrasive materials and types of glass and crystal.

Virtuosity, calm, firm focus and heart button for details are the qualities that characterize the young Vanessa who, accepting the invitation of Scene Mediterranee creates for us a strongly maritime theme related to the world of fishing and to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčancestral sea, in which the relationship between man and nature finds a point of contact, a picture of the port captured in a black and white photography, fishing nets.

The intricate graphics games, due to the superposition of the three networks that traditionally form the tramagli, provided the design inspiration for the creation of a new collection for the decor and the Mediterranean table.

Want to know more? We just have to wait for the new collection!



TRAMAGLIO: [lat. * Trimaculum ‘three-mesh network “]. fishing net by bagging, formed by three networks arranged in parallel, stretched vertically on the bottom.